Up yours!

August 25, 2010

Lista de cosas que me encachimban de la mara….es decir Un Rant…como diria mi querido Lord and Master Foamy..“Humanity never ceases in its ability to piss me off”..

1)Abuso de poder…..(you prolly are just gloating…but still its because you are mentally challenged)

2)Superficialidad…….( nobody cares that you are so better than others…you need to be put to sleep….and i mean  now)

3)A la mara que no acepta a alguien por ser diferente…(you are no better….in fact….they are prolly more unique than all of you)

4) a la mara que se pone a contar sus terengadas y problemas personales en el FB…(people you are making an ass of yourself…stop it! …i dont care about your fucking relationship problems…you can shove it ..for all i care..shut your mouth ..choke on your food and die!)

5) a los que se ponen a discutir terengadas en FB ….como pseudo intelectuales..(again…you are losers, nobody wants to know what the fuck you think you know or what you do with your pathetic life…do the world a favor and throw yourself in front of traffic…nobody wants to hear your bs…)

6) a los que recargan diariamente sus pinches celulares con 1 pinche  dolar…y para colmo les recargan a otros….tardandose horas y atrasando en las colas..(simplemente les puedo decir…cheap bastards..) ..no tienen consideracion alguna…

7) a los arrivistas……since you never had the brains to do things yourselves…you expect people to welcome you with open arms and then you can take over their ideas …(well go to hell and  really hope you get your ass pierced with a flamming poker)

peace out!….no thats not right….PISS OFF…Bastards!!


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