i am

June 21, 2008

Again from cynical bastard…i just had to do this..
I am : neurotic most of the time.

I think : about the past too much.

I know : i push people`s buttons..constantly
I want : to change things..constantly

I have : a pretty good life….

I wish : i could take back 3 years of my life and live them the way i should have..

I hate : Nobody.

I miss : a lot of friends that i left behind..

I fear : loosing someone

I feel : strangely energized

I hear : just the fan in my room.

I smell : like sweat..(i just came from the gym).

I crave : bliss

I search : things that amuse me

I wonder : if things will change for the better

I regret : trusting someone who was supposed to be supportive and in  the end…betrayed me

I love : having constant rushes..just like getting high or drunk..

I ache : when i spend days not sleeping well..

I am not : a sweet person..

I believe : i can get anything i want..

I dance : when im happy..and drunk..

I sing : as a way to vent ….

I cry : when im in love…

I don’t always : show up at work…

I fight : using words that  can really hurt people…

I write : in my blog..and reports…at work

I win : when i get what i want…

I lose : when i hurt someone..

I never : dated a married guy..
I always : chose the same type of guys (personality wise) when i date (fuck i hate that)..

I confuse : people ..using the bible against them..

I listen : to nobody…and make mistakes all of the time

I can usually be found : at home…late at night..

I am scared : scorpions, the ocean, dying in a plane accident…and losing a limb..

I need : to get laid.

I am happy :when i feel love..

I imagine : myself traveling …in the future.


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