KFC Xmas

December 15, 2007

In Japan one of the most popular xmas meals is KFC…no kidding…along with eating Christmas cake and getting laid. Since Japanese take the xmas holydays as Valentines day.

Dont believe me…here’s a clip!

I hate KFC…It’s gross, it’s greasy….and so not xmas like!



  1. si, tiene razon, no es bueno el KFC.
    Mucho menos para navidad!!!

  2. It’s funny how they try to make eating KFC look festive and sophisticated in the commercial. My favorite is the skinny, well-dressed Japanese girl eating the fried chicken leg at the very end.

  3. True…she seems to be enjoying her drumstick!

  4. uta es q solo en japon puede pasr eso!

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